Liberty Comics Site Update!…Finally

Hello everyone!
As you know (hopefully), you are at the website for LIBERTY COMICS in Roseville, Michigan! However this site hasn’t been updated since last Christmas! So I thought I could take it in to my hands to help out the gang at Liberty! A little bit about myself, my name is Griffin, and I will be you’re new web master for the revamped Liberty Comics website! I’ve been a customer of Gale and Co. for about 3 years now and am very grateful to have such a great LCS (Local Comic Shop)! I am an avid comic reader at the age of 15 and hope to have this site become more than just a site for the shop but a site for comic fans in general….but the store comes first, let’s be realistic people. Expect changes on the site to take place over the course of the rest of the year. Changes include, not only a somewhat weekly news update for sales that may be going on in the shop, but also comic news and reviews, and a redesigned homepage. Now what if you’re not able to get in to the store?? Well if you were to lazy to read the header on this page, here’s all the contact info you need! The phone number for the store is (586) 779-4130, their email is, and the address is 27639 Gratiot Avenue, Rosevlle,Michigan 48066 (they’ll be the building with the kick ass purple banner, with Spidey and Batman on it).

Well that should be enough ranting about update stuff, let’s get to the first event they would like to promote at Liberty!

Fans of “The Walking Dead” will be happy to know that Liberty Comics is holding a midnight release party for Issue #115 of TWD, the start of the “ALL-OUT WAR” 12 part arc! The arc is to celebrate the books 10th anniversary! Now I myself don’t read “The Walking Dead” (I watch the show, chill), but after the quick Google search I just did so I could sound like I know what I’m talking about, this looks like it is going to be one hell of a ride for Rick and the group! What better way to engage this new story of death and zombie mayhem than at Liberty Comics with fellow readers?! The book will be released this upcoming Wednesday, October 9th, but the midnight release will start a little bit earlier than 11:30 at least in the store on the previous day, Tuesday, October 8th! Be there or have you’re neck ripped open by a walker!… okay it might not be that extreme.

On some closing thoughts, I would like to add that I also have a podcast, all about “The Superior Spider-Man” series, that Liberty Comics actually sponsors (yes, there is a link to Liberty, I’m not just selfishly promoting my own stuff)! It’s called “Superiority”. We release monthly episodes on the books newest issues and other Spider news(so if any of you were wondering what my comic THING is, it’s Spider-Man). We would really love if you checked us put! here’s all the links:
and follow us on social networking!

Well that’s about all folks! sorry that was pretty lengthy, but hey, a man’s gotta write what a mans gotta write. I’m super psyched to be working on this site and hope you all enjoy it.

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